Annular orifice flowmeter Product character

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The standard Annular orifice flowmeter's feature: Annular orifice flowmeter can be measured by multiple flows of gases, liquids, and steam, it has a wide range. Secure and simple structure, is easy to install, has the reliable operation, and it has stable performance.

Annular orifice flowmeter Wholesale Price
The annular orifice flowmeter is without needing real current to mark, the accuracy is moderate. Smart difference pressure transmitters can be used to realize temperature, pressure compensation, or on-site communication.
The technology Parameters of Standard orifice plate of Annular orifice flowmeter: Pressure Mode: Angle Joint (Ring Chamber or individual hole), flange pressure, diameter distance pressure. Nominal pressure(MPa ): ≤40 (≥ after using a high lens orifice plate or Fully welded type). DN(mm): DN50~1000(Standard orifice plate) or DN<50(in hiding orifice plate), DN>1000(flat orifice). Accuracy(unsure): ±0 .5%—±1 . 5%.
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