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The English website of Kaifeng best instrument Co., Ltd. has been officially opened!

Kaifeng best instrument Co., Ltd. is located in Kaifeng, the "ancient capital of seven dynasties" with a long history. Since its establishment, the company has gradually grown into a modern production enterprise with strong technical force, advanced production equipment and high-precision testing instruments through unremitting efforts, continuous innovation and enterprising spirit.

In 2014, the company built a new production and office base in Huanglong Industrial Park, the east area of Kaifeng industrial cluster, greatly invested in production equipment, expanded production force, better provided more high-precision products for the majority of flowmeter demand units, and cooperated with many domestic enterprises under the guidance of the company concept of "strengthening management and casting quality", Strive to be a pioneer in the flow measurement industry.

The company's main products are: bstld electromagnetic flowmeter series, non full tube flowmeter series, open channel flowmeter series, LUGB vortex street flowmeter series, LZ metal tube float flowmeter series, LG standard and non-standard throttling devices, LW turbine flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, etc.

Products and services: petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, food, heating, water supply, thermal power and environmental protection projects.



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