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Measurement principle of electromagnetic open channel flowmeter:

The electromagnetic open channel flow measurement system uses the area velocity method to measure the open channel flow, and the built-in open channel flow model. The flow through a section is equal to the product of the average velocity of the section and the area of the section.

Characteristics of electromagnetic open channel flowmeter:

1. The measurement range is large (velocity range 0.01-10m / s), and the flow measurement is not affected by the backwater of the tributary surface;

2. The structural design of the flow rate sensor conforms to hydrodynamics, with small volume and convenient installation. The standard channel can be installed directly without transformation, and the construction cost is low;

3. The measurement signal is stable and less affected by channel water flow;

4. It can display the channel liquid level, flow rate, instantaneous flow and cumulative flow at the same time;

5. The system has the function of self diagnosis and automatic alarm in case of fault;

6. Support liquid level upper limit alarm, lower limit alarm, flow upper limit alarm and lower limit alarm;

7. Support wireless transmission. GPRS, 4G and nbiot are optional.



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