Where is the electromagnetic open channel flowmeter applicable

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Where is the electromagnetic open channel applicable?

The electromagnetic open channel flow measurement system is suitable for the flow measurement of rivers, streams, irrigation and drainage channels, hydraulic engineering, factory drainage and most sewers.

Technical parameters of electromagnetic open channel flowmeter:

1. Measurement accuracy: flow rate ± 1.0%; Liquid level ± 0.5%; Flow ± 2.5%;

2. Measurement range: velocity range: 0.01-10m/s;

3. Applicable channel: channel width ≥ 0.2m; Channel depth ≥ 0.1M;

4. Display: LCD, 9 digits + prompt;

5. Display contents: flow rate (M / s), liquid level (m), instantaneous flow (m) ³/ h) , cumulative flow (m) ³), Prompt, conductivity,, clock (seconds);

6. Power consumption: the supporting system is less than 10W;

7. Power supply: DC12V / 24V; AC220V;

8. Protection grade: sensor IP68; Converter: IP65;

9. Data storage: EEPROM is used to store the accumulated flow and accumulated effective operation time. The data can be saved for a long time after power failure

10. Data communication: RS485: Modbus protocol;

GPRS / 4G: UDP protocol, TCP protocol;

NB IOT: UDP protocol, TCP protocol, COAP protocol;



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