What should be done for the maintenance of open channel flowmeter

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Open channel flowmeter is an instrument suitable for flow measurement of open channels and culverts such as sewage treatment, urban water supply and hydraulic engineering. In order to make the measurement of the open channel flowmeter more accurate and use longer, it is necessary to do a good job in its maintenance. Let's talk about how to do the maintenance of the open channel flowmeter.

1. The sensor of the open channel flowmeter is an underwater acoustic Doppler sensor. In order to avoid collision or falling from height, the sundries shall be removed regularly in case of too many sundries, so as not to affect the measurement.

2. When there are many sundries in rivers and channels, in order to accurately measure the flow rate, the flow rate sensor shall be installed covertly. Because the sensor has the function of transmitting velocity measurement to the downstream, this installation method will not affect the measurement accuracy, and can ensure long-term reliable operation.

3. Ensure that the open channel flowmeter is in good standby state and keep the appearance of the flowmeter clean.

4. Usually, brush the appearance of the instrument with a brush, cloth or gauze stained with insulating oil. However, do not use a wet cloth with water to wipe, so as to avoid moisture caused by water vapor immersion into the interior of the instrument and prevent rust on the paint stripping part of the casing.

5. For the dust inside the instrument, you can usually take advantage of the opportunity of overhauling the instrument and clean it with a long brush.

6. The instrument shall be stored in a dry place to avoid moisture.

7. If the instrument is not used for a long time, it shall be dried before use.

The above is the maintenance content of open channel flowmeter. Standard operation, correct installation and daily maintenance of open channel flowmeter are very important. Each step is related to the service performance of flowmeter. I hope we can pay attention to it.



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