Some characteristics of electromagnetic water meter

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At present, in economically developed areas, for water metering in the main network, Measurement of large water users (generally, the pipe diameter is above DN100), the use of electromagnetic flowmeter is becoming a consensus. Compared with the traditional mechanical water meter, electromagnetic flowmeter has the advantages of high measurement accuracy and low pressure loss. The use of electromagnetic flowmeter greatly improves the accuracy of water measurement, but the disadvantage of electromagnetic flowmeter is that it needs external power supply. However, it is difficult to provide power supply in many occasions, or Operators need high wiring cost; The electromagnetic water meter of our company has fundamentally solved this problem. The electromagnetic water meter produced by the company adopts electromagnetic flowmeter technology, which has the advantages of high precision and small pressure loss. At the same time, it adopts battery power supply without external power supply, and its use is almost unlimited.

Introduction to measuring principle and characteristics of electromagnetic water meter

The electromagnetic water meter is specially designed for tap water measurement. Its measurement principle is the same as that of the electromagnetic flowmeter. It uses the principle of Faraday's electromagnetic induction law to generate a magnetic field in the pipeline and measure the flow by measuring the electrical signal on the electrode proportional to the flow rate. Electromagnetic water meter consists of sensor and converter.

Power consumption is very important because of battery power supply. Low power consumption design is adopted for both converter and sensor of electromagnetic water meter to ensure long battery life of electromagnetic water meter. Compared with the traditional mechanical water meter, the electromagnetic water meter can be regarded as a pipeline without pressure loss; The energy consumption in the process of water transmission is greatly saved.

Electromagnetic water meter mainly has the following characteristics:

Easy installation: the battery powered electromagnetic water meter does not need external power supply cable and output signal, so it can be installed in the field where many cables cannot reach.

The enclosure protection grade is IP68, which can be installed in deep wells and work normally underwater.

Excellent measurement: the diameter range of electromagnetic water meter is DN25 ~ DN600, which fully meets the measurement needs of urban pipe network and large users; The accuracy can reach 0.5%.

Long term stable performance: the structural design of electromagnetic water meter ensures its resistance to the influence of harsh environment. There are no mechanical movable parts, so that it can measure the medium containing certain solid impurities without blocking. It can have a battery service life of up to 3 years and minimize the maintenance cost.

Additional communication module: an additional RS-485 communication module can be selected for the electromagnetic water meter, and the communication complies with MODBUS-RTU protocol



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