Discussion on installation specification and attention of plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter

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The plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter is a new type of flowmeter developed on the basis of pipeline electromagnetic flowmeter. The installation shall be standardized, otherwise the measurement of the flowmeter will be inaccurate. Next, the manufacturer of electromagnetic flowmeter will talk about the installation specifications and requirements of plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter.

1. Keep away from equipment with strong electromagnetic field as far as possible;

2. The installation site shall be free from strong vibration, the pipeline shall be firmly fixed and the ambient temperature shall not change much;

3. The installation position must ensure that the pipeline is always filled with the measured fluid. The length of the straight pipe section at the upstream side of the sensor installation pipeline is greater than 8D, and the length of the straight pipe section at the downstream side is not less than 5D;

4. Clean the welding slag and burr of the installation base of the tested pipe;

5. Stainless steel electrode shall be used for flat welding to ensure that the flange surface is parallel to the pipe axis after welding;

6. Connect the power supply and other connections of the converter meter, check the instrument display after power on, and check that the instrument display should be zero when the measured pipe is filled with fluid and the flow is zero;

7. After the fluid in the measured pipe flows and is stable, check the instrument display. At this time, turn the sensor direction to make the display value Z large, and lock the positioning screw and compression nut;

8. For vertical installation, when the sensor is inserted into the pipe, the included angle with the vertical diameter of the pipe section shall be less than 5 °;

9. Install DN50 ball valve on the mounting base. Note that the long cavity of the ball valve is upward, check whether the ball valve can be fully opened and closed, and install the compression screw seat, compression nut and rubber sealing ring on the ball valve. Loosen the locating nut;

10. For the occasions with large flow variation range and long-term fluid velocity lower than the Z low flow rate required by the flowmeter, it shall be considered to reduce the process pipeline or adopt two flowmeters installed in parallel, one large and one small.



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