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An annular orifice flowmeter is a measuring device that can measure the flow of general fluids. An annular orifice flowmeter can also be applied to the measurement of fluids containing various impurities (such as dust, suspension, sediment, etc.).

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The characteristics of the Annular orifice flowmeter can measure various types of gas hot air, flue gas, natural gas, cooling circulating water, etc. The annular orifice plate can avoid the accumulation of condensate formed when the steam is stopped when measuring the superheated steam of saturated steam. When the gas is again supplied, the orifice plate can quickly enter the accurate metering. Another section of the instrument body has a straight measuring tube. When installed in the field, installation errors (such as eccentricity, and gasket protruding into the pipe) have little effect on the instrument measurement.
The annular orifice flowmeter adopts the structure of an "equalizing ring". When the length of the straight pipe section is not long enough. still, measure accurately. For example downstream of a 90° elbow. There is a 2D length in front of the table: downstream of a 30° elbow. The length of 0.5D in front of the table is sufficient. The annular orifice plate is connected by the "welding method". It is suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure fluid (such as superheated steam), with low cost, reliable operation, and stable performance.
The Annular orifice flowmeter adopts a "jacket insulation" structure. Suitable for easy crystallization. Fluids that are easy to vaporize and need to be heated or cooled (such as liquid ammonia, some chemical products, etc.). Main technical parameters of annular orifice plate: pressure taking method: standard pressure taking, nominal pressure (MPa): ≤40; nominal diameter (mm): DN50~DN2600; accuracy (uncertainty): ±1 5%~±2 5% (sampling calibration) (when higher accuracy is required, the real flow calibration can reach ±10%).
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