Wall Mounted Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter: A Guide to Liquid and Gas Measurement Instrumentation

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Understanding Wall Mounted Type Ultrasonic Flowmeters

In the realm of fluid and gas measurement instrumentation, the wall mounted type ultrasonic flowmeter stands out as a reliable and efficient device. Designed to accurately measure the flow rates of liquids and gases, this instrument offers numerous advantages over traditional flow measurement methods.


Wall mounted type ultrasonic flowmeters find wide applications across various industries and sectors. They are commonly employed in industrial processes, heating and cooling systems, water and wastewater management, oil and gas operations, and more. Their versatility enables accurate measurements in challenging environments, ensuring optimal performance in diverse applications.

Key Features

These flowmeters utilize ultrasonic technology to measure flow rates without any interference with the fluid or gas being measured. The non-intrusive nature of ultrasonic flow measurement makes it an attractive option for applications where minimal disruption to the flow is desired.

Furthermore, wall mounted type ultrasonic flowmeters offer easy installation and maintenance. Their compact design and compatibility with existing pipe systems make them highly convenient for retrofitting into pre-existing setups. Additionally, their low maintenance requirements translate to reduced downtime and cost savings.


By employing ultrasonic technology, these flowmeters provide accurate and reliable measurements, ensuring precise control and monitoring of fluid and gas flow. The non-contact measurement method eliminates pressure drop concerns, reducing energy consumption and enhancing system efficiency.

Additionally, wall mounted type ultrasonic flowmeters offer excellent versatility, allowing for measurements across a wide range of pipe sizes and materials. They can handle both clean and mildly contaminated fluids, making them suitable for various applications.


The wall mounted type ultrasonic flowmeter revolutionizes fluid and gas measurement instrumentation. Its non-intrusive nature, ease of installation, and accurate measurement capabilities make it an indispensable tool in industries relying on precise flow rate data.

Whether in industrial production, environmental monitoring, or energy management, the wall mounted type ultrasonic flowmeter proves its worth by providing valuable insights and enabling efficient control of liquid and gas flows.



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