Innovation of Electromagnetic Flowmeter Production Process-Modular Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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Features of Kaifeng Best Instruments Modular Electromagnetic Flowmeter

1. Realize electromagnetic flowmeter with building block production, greatly improve production efficiency.

Block production and "dumb" assembly make the manufacture of electromagnetic flowmeters simpler and more efficient. Combining years of experience in the field of electromagnetic flowmeters, our company combines electromagnetic flowmeters with

The overall manufacturing is simplified to 242 patterns, namely:

(1) Two major processes of sub-module production + overall assembly:

(2) Four major modules of conduit, excitation module, Haval housing and converter:

(3) Two major advantages of stable and reliable product performance and high cost performance:

Since each module of the sensor is mechanized, the standardized manufacturing process can penetrate into each link and significantly improve the production efficiency; secondly, due to the good production consistency of each module, the assembly is carried out under the specified standard, which reduces the manual labor in the assembly process. The impact of the intervention, flowmeter stability, consistency and reliability have been greatly improved.

2. The excitation induction module is manufactured by mold, which greatly reduces human deviation.

Molded manufacturing, removes human intervention, and achieves IP68 level protection for immersion (submersible) water. Combining years of field experience and technical analysis, theoretical model reasoning, and experience accumulation and verification, our technicians have designed an excitation module with low cost and high performance. The module can generate reliable magnetic field without the cooperation of the sensor metal shell; meanwhile, the low-cost and unique design greatly improves the waterproof performance of the module, which is especially obvious in the diameter of DN150 and above. The modular assembly of the core components makes the era when the magnetic field construction of the traditional sensor is affected by manual proficiency gone forever. The product performance after the optimized design is more consistent, and the measurement function, which is the core function of the electromagnetic flowmeter, has better performance. , more accurate, so that the required accuracy can be more guaranteed in the operation stage of low flow rate.

3. The sensor is compatible with a number of operating processes to achieve diversification of surface treatment technologies.

The surface treatment process of the sensor is no longer limited by the means of painting, and baking paint, electroplating and plastic spraying can be used. The application of various surface treatment methods and Harvard structural shells allows the surface treatment steps of the shell to be paralleled with other production work; compared with the traditional process of surface treatment only in the final stage, the product design and process production proposed by our company can greatly Reduce delivery time.

4. Breakthrough innovation, leading the change in the production process of electromagnetic flowmeter,

The first trial innovation of our new process products has opened up a new direction for the future development of electromagnetic flowmeters, namely modular assembly, automated production, and the stocking of semi-finished products is no longer affected by the original production process sequence, reducing production personnel. Or the potential cost of human factors. In addition, the introduction and use of new automation equipment not only makes the processing accuracy of related accessories accurate to the slightest, but also enables flange welding to achieve real automation. Abandoning the welding process of the inner flange and the metal shell, and then matching the shell of the Haval structure, the production and manufacture of the electromagnetic flow sensor realizes the assembly line of modular assembly.


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