Remote electromagnetic water meter after-sales site-flow zero drift

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At 9 pm on July 7, 2021, Zhang Gong, technical engineer of Kaifeng Best Instrument Co., Ltd., received feedback from customers that the remote-transmission electromagnetic water meter purchased in 2019 has recently experienced unstable flow. The company immediately launched a 24-hour after-sales service system, and Zhang Gong set off at 9 am on July 8, 2021 to rush to the customer site. After professional testing procedures, it was judged that the zero-point drift occurred in the on-site water meter measurement, which was solved through on-site debugging.

Seeing that the on-site problems were quickly solved, the customer gave great affirmation to the professionalism and service attitude of Kaifeng Best Instruments after-sales personnel.

The remote transmission electromagnetic water meter produced by Kaifeng Best Instrument Co., Ltd. has three advantages:

1. Wireless remote transmission, the data can be viewed in real time on the computer and mobile terminals.

2. The protection grade is IP68, which can be used for a long time in the environment of blisters.

3. The initial flow is low, and the measurement stability of small flow is good.

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