FGP - Electromagnetic Flowmeters Empty Pipe Alarm Solution

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Electromagnetic Flowmeters Empty Pipe Alarm


MHLD Electromagnetic Flowmeter is used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquids and slurries in closed pipelines, including but not limited to:


Industrial water: such as clean water, sewage, domestic water, raw water, etc.

Chemical solutions: acids, bases, salts, and other conductive chemical solvents.

Slurry: mud, mineral pulp, pulp and fluid containing suspended solid particles.

Food liquid: In the food processing industry, it is used to measure various food grade fluids such as fruit juice, beer, milk, etc.

Medical liquids: suitable for measuring pharmaceutical preparations and other liquids with strict hygiene requirements.

Industrial processes: widely used in multiple industries such as metallurgy, papermaking, water treatment, chemical industry, light industry, textile, mining, and electricity.


What are the reasons and how to deal with the Empty Pipe Alarm?


Empty Pipe Alarm function of the electromagnetic flowmeter is a built-in self diagnostic feature aimed at ensuring measurement accuracy and safe operation of the equipment.


Working principle: Empty Pipe Alarm works by detecting whether there is enough conductive medium present in the sensor measurement tube. When the fluid is not filled with the measuring tube or the fluid conductivity is below the set threshold, the electromagnetic flowmeter cannot accurately measure the flow. At this time, the electronic part inside the flow meter will monitor the changes in induced electromotive force or directly detect the resistance between electrodes. If it is determined to be in an "Empty Pipe" state, an alarm will be triggered.


The handling method for Electromagnetic Flowmeters Empty Pipe Alarm:


1. Check if the measuring fluid is filled with the measuring tube and if there are any bubbles.

2. If the flow is too low, check if the pump or valve are fully open, and check if the pipeline is blocked or leaking.

3. Check fluid conductivity: Confirm if the fluid conductivity meets the requirements of the flow meter (Fluid conductivity: ≥ 5μS/cm). If the liquid is conductive and full, check the MTP value:

a. MTP<20%, flow meter normal

b. MTP>100%, flow meter needs to be grounded

c. MTP>500%, flow meter needs to adjust the Empty Pipe Alarm Threshold, reset the value range: MTP * 1.5~MTP * 2, select a value input, and wait for two minutes.

4. Electrode cleaning: Regularly clean the electrodes to remove attached impurities and ensure good contact.



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