Why can't flow meters be installed in this way?

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Why can't flow meters be installed in this way?


Electromagnetic flowmeter is a common flow measurement instrument widely used in various industrial fields.


Now, let's go through a few examples of incorrect installations to see the correct way to install electromagnetic flow meter.


Case : Large fluctuations in flow values


At one site, the customer's electromagnetic flowmeter had been fluctuating in value, and the installation site had a high-powered water pump adjacent to the flowmeter. When the fluid passes through the flow meter, the fluid is in a turbulent state (i.e., water vortexing), which causes significant interference with the flow meter's measurements. As a result, the values of the flowmeter at the site fluctuated frequently and could not be stabilized at all.



Install a straight pipe section at least 5D (5 x Diameter) away from the pump to ensure fluid stability.


Case Ⅱ: The flowmeter reading has been consistently inaccurate


At customer's site, the flow measurement is always inaccurate, and sometimes there may be empty pipe alarms and lower limit alarms.

On site inspection shows that only half of the pipeline is filled with water, which means that the liquid passing through the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor is not full. The general electromagnetic flow meter cannot measure partially filled pipeline.


At the outlet of the flow meter, reduce the pipe diameter and install a section of pipeline extension to allow the liquid to fill the entire pipeline. Or replace the installation position, as shown in the following figure

Case Ⅲ: Electromagnetic flow meters often damaged.


The pipe where the flowmeter is installed is under water for a long time and the environment is humid. After the flowmeter was used for a period of time, the SYS alarm occurred and the flowmeter was damaged.

The protection level of the general electromagnetic flowmeter is IP65, which can prevent rain and cannot be immersed in water for a long time.



Where there is a risk of prolonged immersion in water, it is necessary to select IP68 protection, otherwise water may enter the electrodes and terminals, resulting in the meter being scrapped.


In short, when you want to purchase a flowmeter, Please provide our technicians with accurate site conditions, choose the most suitable flowmeter, and then installed correctly in accordance with the flow meter user manual, only in this way can the flowmeter be used stably for a long period of time.



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