Daily maintenance method of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter

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The daily maintenance of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is closely related to its service life and product accuracy,

1. When moving and hoisting the electromagnetic flow meter, the sling shall be sleeved on the two neck positions of the flowmeter flange. Do not put a pipe rod in the measuring pipe for hoisting to avoid damaging the lining. At the same time, prevent the wiring socket of the vortex flowmeter from being damaged by collision.

2. Frequently observe whether the sensor power wire and transmission wire (or wire) are damaged or aging, and protect the rubber sheath outside the wire.

3. Remove the sundries in the straight pipe section upstream of the sensor.

4. When the measured medium is easy to adhere or scale on the inner wall of the electrode and the measuring tube, the inner wall of the measuring tube and the electrode shall be cleaned regularly, and attention shall be paid not to damage the lining electrode.

5. It shall be placed in a dry and ventilated place, away from wet places prone to ponding, sun and rain, strong vibration and strong electromagnetic field equipment, such as large motor, large transformer, etc.



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