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Vortex Flowmeter

The vortex flowmeter is researched and produced according to the Karman vortex principle, and is mainly used for the flow measurement of medium fluids in industrial pipelines, such as gas, liquid, steam and other media. It is characterized by small pressure loss, large measuring range, high precision, and is almost not affected by parameters such as fluid density, pressure, temperature, viscosity, etc. when measuring the volume flow of the working condition. No moving mechanical parts, so high reliability and low maintenance. Instrument parameters can be stable for a long time.

Measure principle

Vortex flowmeter is volume flowmeter to produce for measuring the gas or steam or liquid or the standard volume flow or mass flow by Karman vortex principle. It's suitable for superheated steam ,saturated steam, and normal gas and liquid measurement.



1. The structure is simple and secure and reliable, and without moving parts, it’s very reliable to operation long time.

2. Simple installation and convenient maintenance.

3. The detection sensor doesn’t directly the measured medium, the performance is reliable and the life is very long.

4. The output and flow is the pulse signal of the direct proportion, with the stable zero and high accuracy.

5. The measurement range is very wide, the range rate can attain 1:10.

6. The pressure loss is small, and the freight is low, it can save energy.

7. The flow signal can be transmitted over a long distanceand it can be networked with a computer to realize centralized management.

8. The flow signal can be transmitted over a long distanceand it can be networked with a computer to realize centralized management.

9. Intelligent LCD converterLCD displayinstantaneous/cumulative flowand flow rate are displayed on the same screen.

10. 304 stainless steel materialbuilt through a multi-layer processall solid-state designcan be used for a long time in harsh environments.


it’s mainly used for flow measure of fluid medium in the industrial piping,for example the gas, liquid , steam and so on.


Technical parameters

Accuracy 1.0%, 1.5%, 2.5%
Measurement Tube Material Stainless Steel 304
Media Gas, Liquid, Steam
Media Temp -50℃- +350℃
Flange Materail Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304(optional)
Pressure 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa, Customize
Protection Level IP65, IP68
Explosion-Proof Ex IallCT6
Power Supply 12-24V DC, 3.6V Lithium Battery
Output Signal 4-20mA, Pulse, RS485, HART(optional)
Connection Type Flange, Thread, Clamp


DN(mm) Fluid Gas
Standard Range Measured Flow Range Standard Range Measured Flow Range
20 ‘1-8 0.6-12 5-50 5-60
25 1.5-12 0.8-16 8-80 8-120
40 2.5-30 1.5-40 20-200 18-300
50 3-50 2-60 30-300 30-500
65 5-80 3-90 50-500 50-900
80 8-120 5-150 80-1000 60-1200
100 12-200 6-240 100-1000 100-2000
125 20-300 13-390 150-1600 150-3000
150 30-400 15-600 250-2500 200-4000
200 40-800 30-1200 400-4000 350-8000
250 80-1200 40-1600 600-6000 500-1200
300 100-1800 50-2000 1000-10000 600-1800



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