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Non-Full Pipe Flowmeter

Non-Full Pipe Electromagnetic Flowmeter is an automatic flow rate measuring instrument that continuously measures the fluid flow in an open pipeline (such as half-pipe flow sewage pipe and large flow pipe without overflow weir) by using the flow rate-area method. It can measure and display the instantaneous flow rate, flow rate, cumulative flow rate and other data.It is especially suitable for municipal rainwater, waste water, sewage discharge and irrigation water pipeline and other metering places.

Product Description

Non-full pipe flowmeter is an automatic flow measuring instrument which continuously measures the fluid flow in open pipelines( such as half pipe sewage pipeline and large flow pipeline without overflow weir) by using the flow velocity -area methods.

It can measure and display the data of instantaneous flow, flow velocity, cumulative flow.

It apply the needed measurement sites of municipal rainwater, waste water and sewage discharge and irrigation pipe.

Non-full pipe flowmeter is composed of electromagnetic flow sensor,one level water sensor and one flow display instrument, can be measured the fluid flow and level liquid continuously, the user input the circle’s pipeline inner diameter or the square pipe’s width, the no-full flowmeter can automatically calculate the flow in the pipe, and display the measurement parameters of instantaneous flow, flow velocity and cumulative flow.

Basic Function

1. Low frequency square wave excitation, excitation frequency :1/16 power frequency;

2. Excitation current can be choose in 50mA and 100mA;

3. The flow range :0.01 --- 20 m/s, flow velocity resolution ration:1mm/s;

4. 12VDC switch power supply,the electric pressure range: 12VDC --- 30VDC;

5. 3.6VDC switch power supply,the electric tension range:3.6VDC;

6. Network function: MODBUS(RTU)、TTL electrical level

7. Be displayed in Chinese and English

8.  Can customization with the positive and reverse measurement, the record : positive total flow and reverse total flow with displaying ten digits.

9.  It can apply the flow measurement of the opening no-full pipeline(circle pipe,rectangle pipe or other shaped pipe).

10.  It apply the continuous measurement sites of municipal rainwater,waste water and sewage discharge and irrigation pipe.

11.  Can achieve two-way flow measurement of the positive and reverse flow.

12.  The sensor can reliably work under the hostile environment and sewage quality for long time.

13. Flow measurement range width 0.05-10m/s

14. The flow measurement accuracy is high,and it’s not effected by downstream,tributary backwater, blockage and other factors.

15. The straight pipe section of the measuring pipe is required to be short.

16. It can clearly read the measurement data with Large screen or back-light LCD display under strong light and dark night .

17. The instrument display and output function is complete, it also has the computer communication port with 232 and 485(be choose)

18. With the GSM and GPRS wireless data transmission function(be choose).

19. Nominal diameter: the circular pipe DN100~DN6000.

20. Rectangular pipe:width:≤6m, depth≤6m.

Normal Work Conditions

Environment Temperature:–10~+ 60℃;

Relative Humidity: 5%~90%;

Power Supply: 220VAC,24VDC

Power Loss: Less than 5w(after connecting the sensor)



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