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Differential Pressure Transmitter

A Differential Pressure Transmitter is used to measure the level, density, and pressure of the liquid, gas, and steam, and then convert it into a current signal output of 4-20mA DC.

The differential pressure transmitter is mainly used to measure the differential pressure, pressure, liquid level and density of liquid, gas or steam, and then convert it into 4-20mA DC signal output.

Differential pressure transmitters mainly include DP type (base type), HP type (high static pressure) and Dr type (micro differential pressure) three types. The above three transmitters can be combined with the intelligent amplification board to form an intelligent differential pressure transmitter, which can communicate with each other through the manual operator conforming to HART protocol for setting and monitoring. Dr micro differential pressure transmitter can convert the micro differential pressure into 4-20ma.dc signal output. It adopts specially designed amplification circuit board and special temperature compensation process, which is flexible Stable and reliable.


1. Good reliability, large range range.

2. Small size, light weight, and high accuracy.

3. No mechanical and movable parts, less maintenance.

4. Stainless steel process is more durable and better anti-corrosion.

5. Smart transmitter, realize multi-range switching, simple and easy to operate.

6. Used for pressure, differential pressure, liquid level and flow measurement.

7. The process connection is compatible with other products for optimal measurement.



Accuracy 0.2%
Media Liquid, gas, steam
Output 4-20mA
Power Supply 24VDC
Communication HART
Range 0-16KPa, 0-40MPa
Environment Temperature -20℃-+85℃
Material SUS304, SUS316
Protection Level IP65




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