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Flange Mounted Electromagnetic Flowmeter

MHLD Electromagnetic Flowmeter is used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid and slurry in closed pipelines. It is suitable for chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, water supply and drainage, paper making, medicine, food, etc

Measure principle

Electromagnetic flowmater is an instrument that uses Faraday electromagnetic induction principle to measure the flow of conductive fluid, the instrument generates electromotive force when the conductive fluid pass through the external magnetic field.


1. The measurement result isn’t effected by changing the fluid density, viscosity, temperature,pressure and conductivity.

2. Without flow parts and pressure loss in measurement pipe, the request is simple in the straight pipe section. It has unique adaptability to slurry measurement.

3. It has good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance to choice the appropriate sensor and electrode material.

4. The converter adopts novel excitation mode, the advantage are low power consumption,zero point stability and high accuracy.

5. The converter and sensor can constitute one body type or separation type.

6. The converter adopts 16 bit high performance microprocessor,2X16LCD display,convenient setting parameter and reliable programming.

7. The flowmeter is a two-way measurement system with three integrators : forward total , reverse total, total difference;it displays positive and reverse flow, and has many output: current, pulse,digital communication and HART;

8. The converter adopts surface installation technology (SMT),and has self-test and self-diagnosis functions.

9. It is a two-way measurement system, and measurement the positive and reverse flow.To ensure the product performance is stable in long time by adopting special manufacture technique and high quality materials.

10. DN: ND6-DB2000, Accuracy: 0.5%

Technical parameters

Complete Machine And Sensor Technical Data
Standard JB/T9248—1999
Diameter DN15-3000mm
Maximum velocity 15m/s
Accuracy 0.50%
Fluid Eletric Conductivity ≥20μs/cm
Nominal Pressure  
Environment Temperature sensor ˉ25℃—+60℃  
converter and one-body type ˉ10℃—+60℃  
Lining Material PTFE, CR, PU,F46  
Maximum Fluid Temperature one-body type 70℃  
Separation type CR lining 80℃;120℃(specify when ordering goods )
PU lining 80℃
PTFE lining 100℃;150℃(specify when ordering goods )
Electrode Material 316L, HB, HC, Ti ,Ta, Platinum/Iridium alloys.
Housing Protection DN15~DN3000 separate type rubber or polyurethane(PU) lining sensor IP65 or IP68
Other sensors, one-body type  flow meters and separation converters IP65
Spacing The distance between the converter and the sensor is not usually more than 100m.



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