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BST Culture

As for the definition of the company's on-the-job personnel's quality, the company needs to improve the professional quality of all employees, rather than having individualism and no team spirit. An excellent team has the following characteristics: understanding the company, respecting the company and obeying the company.

Only by understanding the company and integrating personal pursuit with the understanding of the company can we do our work better.

Respect the company and every employee of the company. We should understand empathy, look at the advantages of others and understand their shortcomings. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. While understanding others, others are also understanding you.

Obey the company's system and work arrangement. The company system is not aimed at individuals, but for the good development of the company. The company's work arrangement and personnel transfer are more effective. In order to ensure the quality and quantity of products, deliver goods on time, and be a credit and responsible company.

1. People oriented, scientific management, leading science and technology, scale effect and close to customers

2. Win win with suppliers, mutual benefit with consumers, common prosperity with employees and keeping pace with the times

3. Be realistic, innovative, dedicated and efficient

BST Culture



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