Electromagnetic water meter is specially designed for the actual requirements of water supply enterprises, which can optimize water supply and ensure accurate water trade measurement and settlement. The verification regulation of electromagnetic water meter conforms to jjg162-2009 standard. The electromagnetic water meter conforms to the domestic water meter service environment, with all-round structure, zero pressure loss and no wear; Ultra large range ratio, small flow sensitivity and ultra large flow measurement are far better than other water meters.

How many pressure transmitters, temperature sensors and flow meters will be used in the central heating system is not a fixed number, because the size of each central heating system, the production form of heat source, the heating scale of primary network and the number of secondary network heat exchange stations may be different.

With the development of information technology, oilfield advocates digital construction. Digitization is to convert various signals and information into digital or data, and then establish a digital model of these data information, convert them into binary code, import them into the computer for unified processing.

What are the measuring instruments for inspection and test of water supply and drainage works

Chemical instrument is a relatively large category of instruments and meters. There are a variety of product types. The main type is chemical measuring instrument. Let's learn about the main instructions of chemical measuring instrument.

Generally speaking, metallurgical enterprises are large enterprises. If they are making instruments, they should understand the main instruments on site, such as thermocouple, thermal resistance, bimetallic thermometer, pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, pressure switch, mass flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, rotor flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, magnetic flap level gauge, radar level gauge, etc., at least understand the principle, Design, selection, installation, calibration, commissioning, future maintenance and overhaul, etc.

The measuring instruments commonly used in the construction of water conservancy and hydropower projects include level, theodolite, electromagnetic wave rangefinder, total station, global positioning system (GPS), etc.

Common detection instruments in water plant / sewage plant:1. Cod tester: an indicator to measure the content of organic matter in water. The greater the amount, the more serious the pollution

Farmland irrigation is divided into canal irrigation system and pipeline irrigation system . The canal irrigation system consists of irrigation headworks, water conveyance and distribution works and field irrigation works.

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