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Why do water supply enterprises choose electromagnetic water meters

Electromagnetic water meter is specially designed for the actual requirements of water supply enterprises, which can optimize water supply and ensure accurate water trade measurement and settlement. The verification regulation of electromagnetic water meter conforms to jjg162-2009 standard. The electromagnetic water meter conforms to the domestic water meter service environment, with all-round structure, zero pressure loss and no wear; Ultra large range ratio, small flow sensitivity and ultra large flow measurement are far better than other water meters.

Advantages of electromagnetic water meter:

1. Small meter and large flow: some industrial and commercial households with a long time have a small meter and large flow after the increase of water supply due to the small pipeline designed and installed in the past. If the mechanical water meter operates in high area for a long time, it will be seriously worn, and the serious wear of the mechanical water meter will cause large negative deviation. Bring greater water loss to the water department. Due to the straight through structure, the guide pipe of the electromagnetic water meter has no movable parts and will not cause wear. No matter in which flow area, it will not cause error and maintain the measurement accuracy for a long time.

2、 Large meter and small flow: some special industrial and commercial users (such as swimming pool), the time of large water consumption is less, but the water consumption is small at ordinary times. There is a situation of large meter and small flow. Due to the high starting flow of mechanical water meter and the large negative deviation below Q1, the water supply brings water loss. The starting flow of electromagnetic water meter is very low. The basic instinct below Q1 maintains good measurement accuracy and can basically measure very low flow.

3. Reliability: the mechanical water meter is prone to problems such as meter jamming, meter pulling and reading error, which brings a lot of workload to the water department. Because the diversion pipe of the electromagnetic water meter is a straight through structure and has no movable parts, any impurities can pass directly without meter jamming. Because the guide pipe of electromagnetic water meter is a straight through structure and has no movable parts, there will be no meter pulling phenomenon no matter how much flow. The mechanical water meter needs to read the meter for conversion, which may have misreading and cannot directly transmit the instantaneous flow data. The electromagnetic water meter can directly read the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow in the memory through RS-485 or GPRS to ensure the data accuracy, and there is no need to check the readings on site.

According to the practical application experience of users, the water loss of comparable mechanical water meters can be reduced by 3% after batch use. Due to the principle of electromagnetic flow measurement without movable parts, there will be no wear in long-term measurement. Even if the weekly inspection is not carried out for 2 years, the measurement accuracy can be guaranteed to prevent the water loss caused by the negative deviation of mechanical water meter due to wear. In conclusion, electromagnetic water meter is an ideal choice for water supply enterprises.



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