Classical Venturi tube is used to measure the flow of single-phase stable fluid in closed pipelines, and is often used to measure the flow of air, natural gas, gas, water and other fluidsClassic venturi tube has simple structure, durability and stable performance;

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V-CONE flowmeter is a kind of throttle device,it’s a new type measurement device of differential pressure flow with a pointed cone coaxial installed in the measuring tube as the throttle component.It’s based on the venturi measurement principle, it’s a new throttle device that integrated the advantages of classical venturi ,circular orifice and wear-resistant orifice.

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Standard orifice plate is a kind of the simplest and most adaptable product in throttling device.Standard orifice plate is a kind of difference pressure generating device for the measurement flow,it Can coordinate with with various difference pressure meter or difference pressure transmitter to measurement the multiple fluid flow in measuring pipeline.

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Nozzle flowmeter is a differential pressure generator for measuring flow. It can measure the flow of various fluids in the pipeline with various differential pressure gauges or differential pressure transmitters. Standard nozzle throttling device is used together with differential pressure transmitter to measure the flow of liquid, steam and gas. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, light industry and other departments.

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