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Liquid Turbine Flowmeter

Liquid turbine flowmeter is a precision flow measuring instrument, which can be used to measure the flow and total amount of liquid together with the corresponding flow totalizer. Liquid turbine flowmeters are widely used in the measurement of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, scientific research and other fields.

Measure principle:

Turbine flowmeter is composed of turbine, bearing, pre-amplifier and display instrument.

The principle is to put a turbine in pipeline centre, and it’s supported by bearing with each end .

when the fluid passed through pipeline, it impacts the turbine blade and produces driving torque on the turbine, the turbine produce spin by overcoming friction torque and fluid resistance moment. In a constant flow range, for some fluid medium viscosity, the turbine’s rotational angular velocity and fluid velocity is in direct proportion.

Therefore, the fluid speed can be got by the rotational angular velocity, the fluid flow can be calculated as well.

The speed of turbine is measured by a sensor coil outside the housing.

When the turbine blade cuts magnetic line by produced permanent magnet in the housing,the flux in the sensing coil changes.

Sensor coil will send the signal of detecting cycle change of magnetic flux to the pre-amplifier, amplifiers and arranges the signal, produces a pulse signal is proportional with the flow rate, it obtains and displays the cumulative flow value by sending it to unit conversion and flow integration circuit.

At the same time, the pulse signal is sent into the frequency current to convert circuit, which converts the pulse signal into the analog current, and then indicates the instantaneous current.

Product detail:

1. DN: DN4-DN500

2. Model: MHLWGY

3. Measure Medium: water,alcohol, liquor, liquid medicine, petrol, diesel oil and so on, or the volume flow of other clean medium .

4. Connection Type: flange ,thread, clamp connection.

5. Power Supply: 24v / Battery Power Supply

6. Protection Level: IP65

7. Explosion-proof  Grade: EXdIICT4

8. Output single: Pulse/4-20mA/RS485

9. Pressure: 1.0-6.3MPa, high pressure can be customized.

10. Temperature:-20℃--+120℃

11. Accuracy:0.5%,1.0%

12. Sensor Material:304 stainless steel/316L stainless steel


1. it's small volume ,light in wight,high accuracy,good reproducibility

2. Display directly digital、clear、reliable and so on

3.High accuracy, generally up to ±1%, ±0.5%.

4.Wide measurement range.

5.No zero shift, strong anti-interference ability.

6.Compact and lightweight structure, easy installation and maintenance.

Be widely used in:petroleum, chemical, light industry, food and other industries.

(DN)mm Flow Rang (m3/h) (Mpa)
Nominal Diameter Nominal Pressure
  0.2 Class 0.5 Class 1.0 Class  
4     0.04-0.25 6.3
6     0.1-0.6 6.3
10     0.2-1.2 6.3
15 1.2~4 0.6~6 0.4~6 2.5
20 2~6 0.8~8 0.6~8  
25 3~10 1.2~12 1.2~12  
32 4~12 1.5~15 1~20  
40 8~25 3~30 3~30  
50 12~40 5~50 5~50 6.3
65 15~60 7~70 5~70  
80 20~100 16~100 12~120  
100 50~160 25~160 20~200  
125 50~200 30~250 25~280  
150 100~300 50~300 40~400  
200 200~600 100~600 80~800  
250 300~1000 160~1000 120~1200 2.5
300   250~1600    
400   400~2500    
500   600~4000    



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